The Best Way to Keep Pet Friendly Household Clean and Neat

You may have been lucky enough to deal with and welcome new pets at home even if there are some people that says having pets at home highlights longer life free from stressed and high blood pressure.  However, having pets at home manifest more house cleaning house work. Sanitation is really essential not just because of unpleasant odors coming from the pet but also in your health. Well, the good news is that there are different ways on how to keep pet owners home clean and healthy as it could be. Below are a few of the useful ways offered by Commercial Residential Cleaning Service, a professional house cleaning service in Beverly Hills Los Angeles , CA and cleaning experts in order to keep friendly pet home healthy and clean and these are as follows:

Selecting a designated area for the sleeping activity of your pet – Choose a bed for your pet which they can call as their own. This is very essential in order to contain clean pet’s hair in one area only.

Placing carpet spill preventing beneath your pet’s food dishes and water – This is very essential in order to prevent sliding around the food and water. This is even good in order to prevent water and food spilling.

Shaking out the bedding’s of your pet on a daily basis – In order to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your pet, you need to clean its bed twice a week at the same time washing it once a week.

Spraying the legs and arms of the sofa with strong perfume -This is an essential way to keep pets especially cats from using the furniture found in your house as their itching poles. This is also essential since felines doesn’t want strong smell hence perfume that you are going to spray on it will prevent them from getting closer to the furniture.

Maintaining a itching place post for your pets – You require to provide designated scratching post for your pets such as cats and be able to teach them on how to use it.

Utilizing microfiber floor mops -The usage of microfiber mops is an effective way of picking up the dust balls and hair from the floor.

Using vacuum cleaners – Since vacuum cleaners have feature tools you are assured that this can immediately remove the entire animal hair in the area. Since hair appears to immediately accumulate close to the edges of your furniture, take advantage of a good trimming instrument or also a straight hose in order to remove such stuck hair and then make use of the vacuum to clean everything in the area.

Removing pet hairs from furniture with masking tape or scotch tape – You need to role the tape backwards in your fingers in order to let the sticky side facing out. In this sense, you the pet hairs will immediately stick on the tape.

Using pet hair combs or brushes – Pet comb and brush is available in pet shops that can remove much of the hairs of your pet before you try to make use of the vacuum.

Inserting cheesecloth or gauze over the air vents – This is an essential way of keeping hair from circulation with the duct work which makes it easier for you to remove dust and keep it down.
With these effective ways introduced by CommercialResidentialCleaningService, pet owners are assured that even if they have pets at home such as dogs, cats and many others, they can still maintain the cleanliness and healthiness of their house.

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