Six Effective Ways Turning Children and Adults into Proper House Cleaning

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House Cleaning  is considered to be a requirement. It is fun and easy task that you should get in touch with. But, there are instances that this type of activity is not as enjoying as what other people expects for. This is due to the fact that there are some who thought cleaning as an optional activity. For instances, all dishes at home must be completed, laundry must be washed, dried and folded, bathrooms must be cleaned and sighed over. Well, cleaning is not only more on cleaning the entire area of the house or any premise but it is also part of relationship building that you need to develop inside your house. In order to build strong relationship with each other at the same time maintain cleanliness and orderliness of your house, here are the six simple yet effective ways on how to make cleaning as enjoyable and awesome as possible.


Create a Game Ambient

Make cleaning activity as a game. In order to allow the game to work properly, you need two containers, strips of papers, pen and dress up clothing. Then, write down all the chores individually on the paper and place them on one plate. You also need to write down every item of the dress up clothing on the paper and put it into the other container. As your name is called, you need to pick a task and dress up the items that needs to be worn while performing the mission. Once everyone had already its assigned job, set a timer and see how everyone participated in the house cleaning fun activity.


Dust, Faith and Trust

If you have a house having hardwoods, you need to give your children a broom and a dustpan. Tell them to sweep as much as dust that may be found in the area. You can even make this activity as a game competition or even tell them a story as soon as they collect huge amount of dirt.


Hiding The Cash

If you have a daughter whom you wanted to wash the clothes, tell her that she can have all the cash she may find in the pockets. You may even place money in the floor for your children to find as they continuously clean your house.


Thankful Hunt

If you are aware that cleaning is a natural activity for the family, hide tiny notes around your house saying thank you to your kids who’ve shared their time and effort in cleaning your house.


Setting a Reward

There is nothing wrong with giving your kids a price after showing their willingness and cooperation in cleaning your house. You may promised them to have reward after the cleaning activity such as shopping, playing in the playground, buying them foods and toys or many others, get them rewarded and Keep your promise:)


Get Clean With Untidy

Oftentimes, you need to let an area of your house gets untidy before letting your kids clean it. This is an essential way that actually helps you in teaching your kids the proper way of cleaning and taking care of all the things that are found inside your house.


Most of these ways works effectively with kids which makes it fun and easier for parents to guide and teach their kids the proper way of house cleaning as early as possible.


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