How to Keep Pet Friendly Home Healthy and Clean?

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You may have been fortunate enough to accommodate and welcome new pets at home even if there are some people that says having pets at home highlights longer life free from stressed and high blood pressure. However, having pets at home manifest more house cleaning chores. Cleanliness is very critical not only due to unpleasant odors coming from the pet but also in your health. Well, the good news is that there are different ways on how to keep pet owners home clean and healthy as it can be. Here are some of the effective ways offered by CommercialResidentialCleaningService , professional residential house cleaners  and cleaning experts in order to keep pet friendly home healthy and clean and these are as follows:


  • Selecting a designated area for the sleeping activity of your pet – Choose a bed for your pet which they can call as their own. This is very essential in order to contain pet’s hair in one area only.
  • Placing carpet underlay beneath your pet’s food dishes and water – This is very essential in order to prevent sliding around the food and water. This is even good in order to prevent water and food spilling.
  • Shaking out the bedding’s of your pet on a daily basis – In order to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your pet, you need to clean its bed twice a week at the same time washing it once a week.
  • Spraying the legs and arms of the sofa with perfume -This is an essential way to keep pets especially cats from using the furniture found in your house as their scratching posts. This is also essential in since cats doesn’t want strong smell hence perfume that you are going to spray on it will prevent them from getting closer to the furniture.
  • Keeping a scratching post for pets – You need to provide designated scratching post for your pets such as cats and be able to teach them on how to use it.
  • Using microfiber mops –The use of microfiber mops is an effective way of picking up the dust balls and hair from the floor.
  • Using vacuum cleaners – Since vacuum cleaners have feature tools you are assured that this can immediately remove the entire animal hair in your area. Since hair seems to immediately gather around the edges of your furniture, make use of an edging tool or even a straight hose in order to remove such pots and then make use of the vacuum to clean everything in the area.
  • Removing pet hairs from furniture with masking tape or scotch tape – You need to role the tape backwards in your fingers in order to let the sticky side facing out. In this sense, you the pet hairs will immediately stick on the tape.
  • Using pet hair combs or brushes – Pet comb and brush is available in pet shops that can remove much of the hairs of your pet before you try to make use of the vacuum.
  • Placing cloth or gauze over the air vents – This is an essential way of keeping hair from circulation with the duct work which makes it easier for you to remove dust and keep it down.


With these effective ways introduced by CommercialResidentialCleaningService , pet owners are assured that even if they have pets at home such as dogs, cats and many others, they can still maintain the cleanliness and healthiness of their house.


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Myths about Cleaning People Now Disproved

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When it comes to home cleaning professionals, commonly known as “the cleaning people”, multitude of myths and misconceptions have been circling about. These are myths that have been kept alive for many years due to movies, television and media. Shows on TV, films and media have been so unfair to cleaning people by almost often portraying them to be untrustworthy and some other ridiculous stereotype roles which have degraded their morale as an employee. For all of these, people are frequently reluctant to hire the services of cleaning people, which is really unfortunate for them.

People don’t realize that hiring cleaning services such that of local CommercialResidentialCleaningService can benefit them in a lot of ways. They can take the stress off homeowner’s shoulders and definitely make housekeeping a lot easier. They don’t realize that many cleaning services are reputable, well-managed who hire only licensed, bonded and insured staff.

If you are afraid to hire a cleaning service, there are many Los Angele’s cleaning service businesses that you could try. You can be sure that they are safe, especially those that are duly licensed and registered business. These businesses employ only highly trained and expert personnel that can certainly help you with your commercial and residential cleaning needs such that of local CommercialResidentialCleaningService


Here are some of the most common myths on cleaning people that we have disproved to let you know that trustworthy and efficient.



A lot of people think that cleaning people like to snoop around other people’s private lives and gossip them around, but that isn’t true CommercialResidentialCleaningService are definitely not like that. Commercial Residential Cleaning Service employ professionals. They employ people who are good at their jobs and are respectful of other people’s lives. Cleaning staff from CommercialResidentialCleaningService are people who love on helping other people in maintaining a clean and orderly home.



Stealing has already defeated by CommercialResidentialCleaningService. No longer do people feel afraid when letting a stranger inside their house for fear that their things get stolen or damaged. Here at CommercialResidentialCleaningService are nothing, but professionals. They do nothing, but treat your home like any other workplace and they definitely live their clients’ things alone. Moreover, Commercial Residential Cleaning Service run background of their employees to really make sure their trustworthy.


Cutting Corners

Aside from stealing and snooping around, another myth about cleaning people is that they say you can put the amount of work they do yourself in the same amount of time, so their services are never really worth the money you pay them and that they don’t do their job thoroughly. These misconceptions are unfounded.


As professionals, CommercialResidentialCleaningService are trained to do their job meticulously and quickly. Just like any other professionals out there, cleaning people are duly trained and experienced to their job well. Rest assured that when it is them, they can clean your place according to your list and in half the time that it takes you. You are rest assured that when you hire them, you are making a safe and wise investment so give them a call today at (818) 230-2730 .


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How to Get Rid of Common Stains?

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Find it hard to deal or Get rid common stains? Well, face the fact that there are instances that you cannot avoid spills that affect overall appearance of your carpet, sofa, mattress and other things. There are certain little and big accidents that can mess up your household equipment and things especially if you have little kids and pets in the house. However, you do not need to stress out yourself because you can actually get rid of common stains. As you notice stains, it is essential that you immediately do something to remove it to avoid the threat of permanent marks and stains.


There are five common stains such as blood, red wine, oil stains, drink & food stains and ink stains which can affect overall appearance of carpets, mattress and other things in your house. Here are the common stains and tips on how to get rid of it.


  • Blood Stains- Whether you nick yourself while chopping vegetables or you have menstrual leak in your mattress, for sure you want to remove blood stains since it is disgusting to prolong blood stain. You do not need to worry because you can actually get rid of blood stain by means of using certain home remedies. You need to wash it with Hydrogen Peroxide to remove for blood stain removal. You can also use and apply white vinegar and soak it for 20 minutes or so. Aside from Hydrogen Peroxide and white vinegar, you can also put cold salt water and Talcum Powder to remove blood stains. Try and notice which one works better.


  • Red Wine- For sure if you hold a party last night, you’ll see red wine stain anywhere. Fortunately, there are several solutions on how you can remove red wine stains easily. Best household items that you can actually use removing red wine stains include Club soda, water solution, Hydrogen Peroxide, Dish detergent and Vinegar. There are also several products that you can use for removing red wine stains.


  • Oil and Grease Stains- If you are cooking then there are instances that you’ll notice oil and grease stains. Oil and grease stains are considered as the hardest stain to clean and remove. Luckily, you can use basic hair detergent or regular dish soap. Processed cheese sauce or spread sold in super markets is also a great stain remover that you must use for removing grease and oil stains.


  • Drink and Food Stains- Food and drinks are considered as the most common items that can cause stains in your house. A fellow kitchen product is actually the best food and drink stains remover. Vinegar is a proven safe and effective stain remover that you can use for removing food and drink stains.


  • Ink Stains- It is a very challenging task to remove ink stains. Luckily, you can use water based products in order to remove ink stains. You can try to use nail polish remover to eliminate ink stains.


Given all the tips and methods to get rid of commons stains, you are now well-assured that you can easily remove common stains and prevent it from turning into permanent stains. CommercialResidentialCleaningServiceQualified Cleaning Services  for Businesses, Homes, Property Management Cleaning Servicing Granada Hills, West Hills, Van Nuys, Las Virgenes, Porter Ranch, Thousand Oaks, Sherman oaks, Woodland Hills, Winnetka, Calabasas, Century City and Los Angeles Surrounding Areas.


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House Cleaning – Can this Really Reduce and Prevent Illness?


Although there is no way to ensure that individuals will never get ill, there are possible ways to increase the chance of getting rid of illnesses. One of these ways is thru a house cleaning service or you clean the entire house. Most individuals are likely to catch flu or cold from germs trapped in their own homes rather than elsewhere. It is, therefore, necessary to clean the house regularly. This is a crucial component to maintain comfortable life and good health.
Your entire house can be cleaned on regular basis, but there are three major areas of the home that needs thorough cleaning the most.

These three areas are where individuals spend most of their time, but these are also known to be common breeding grounds for germs and insects. These major areas are as follows:


There are certain spots in the kitchen where germs can grow and multiply. These include sink drains, sponges, kitchen towels and counter-tops. To get rid of the germs that try to invade your kitchen, make sure that food preparations are free from contaminants. Make sure to clean the kitchen regularly and thoroughly. After preparing foods, wipe the sink, faucet and counter area using hot water and soap. Sanitize kitchen sponge, wash dishrag at least once per week.

This area is one of the most common sources of germs in your house and this requires the largest amount of cleaning effort and maintenance. Contrary to the usual belief, germs do not just wash down the drain when individuals are completely done bathing. The truth is that germs thrive on the wet surfaces like shower walls and bath tubs.
To prevent bacteria build up that may threaten health, dry shower walls and bath tubs using a clean towel or squeegee. Spray these surfaces using disinfecting cleanser at least once a week. The bathroom floors actually contain more germs than the toilet bowl. The reason behind this is that bacteria and microscopic fecal matter is sprayed into the air and settle in the floor and other surfaces when toilet lids are left open while flushing.
The common dampness of the bathroom triggers germs to grow which creates an unsanitary environment. To avoid this, make sure to close toilet lids completely before flushing. You also need to mop the bathroom floor once per week using bleach bathroom cleaning solutions. You are also advised to wash and then dry the floor mats on regular basis.

Most individuals spend 1/3 of their lives in their respective bedrooms. It is for this reason that bedrooms also become one of the most common breeding grounds for germs. It is highly imperative to keep bedrooms clean to save you from acquiring disease while asleep. To avoid germ growth, washing the sheets with hot water at least once a week and cleaning and dusting surfaces are recommended. Never leave damp clothing on clothes hamper for more than a day for this can trigger the growth of harmful mold and mildew. Allow fabrics to completely dry before you toss them on the hamper.

Hiring house cleaning company regularly can definitely kill germs and prevent the spread of diseases.


Efficient Methods and Tips for Cleaning Mattress

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For sure, all people know the importance of cleaning mattress. Of course, you want to sleep in a clean and comfortable mattress. Cleaning your mattress in a regular basis or at least twice a month is highly recommended especially for those people with dust allergy. Maintaining the cleanliness of your bedding and sheets is an important thing that you must not take for granted. Everybody wants to sleep in a clean, fresh and comfortable bedding. In line with this, if you want to sleep comfortably, it is essential that you implement efficient mattress cleaning schedule and protocol

If you want to enjoy your hours stay with your mattress, the cleanliness of your mattress really matters. Even if your mattress is protected of a sheet there are still instances that it collects bacteria and germs mostly from dead skin cells and sweat that you shed over the night. Failure to clean your mattress might cause formation of mold and bugs in your bed. Formation of bugs and mold might lead you to have serious health issues and sleeping problems. Fortunately, you do not need to worry about this thing because you can actually make your mattress germ-free and maintain its cleanliness. By means of maintaining cleanliness of your mattress, you are guaranteed to acquire a good sleep.


Ways to Clean Mattress

  • Flipping your Mattress- If you cannot clean your mattress at least once or twice a month, it is highly recommended that you flip it at least twice a year. By doing so, you can efficiently keep your mattress clean so that you’ll get a comfortable sleep. Flipping your mattress will prevent the formation of bacteria in one location.
  • Vacuuming your Mattress- Aside from flipping it around, another effective way to clean your mattress is through vacuuming it. To vacuum your mattress, you need to use an efficient vacuum cleaner that can clean mattress. Cleaning your mattress using a vacuum is easy and you can vacuum it at least once a week. By doing so, you can minimize and remove dirt. Through vacuuming, you can also reduce chances of straining your bedding’s and mattress when it gets wet.
  • Use of Upholstery Cleaner- You can also use cleaning products for cleaning your mattress. You can buy upholstery cleaners from the department store. These products are safe to use even if touches your skin. You can also get upholstery products which are classified as heavy duty. By means of using this product, you can remove stains, sweat marks and other spills in your bedding’s and mattress. It also contains enzymes and properties which can make your mattress smell good.
  • Use of Baking Soda to Remove Stubborn Stains- If you find it hard to deal with stubborn stains in your mattress, it is highly recommended that you try the mixture of baking soda, water and salt. You can rub it in the infected area and leave it for about one hour. Wipe it using cold water and leave it to dry.


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How to Efficiently Clean Electronics


Do you know how to efficiently clean electronic devices? Of course, it is essential that you clean electronic devices because it is one effective way to prolong life span of your modern devices. With today’s innovation and continuous development of more electronic devices, there are now many people who use modern devices. So, if you think your electronic devices play vital role, you must ensure its cleanliness as well. Failure to clean your electronic devices will greatly affect appearance and efficiency of your electronic device.

Electronic devices are part of people’s lives. However, there are instances that people forget to clean electronics devices. It is essential that you clean your iPod, wristband, laptop and more devices. These electronic devices play vital role in your life and for sure you want to have them longer since they provide comfort and accessibility that enable you to accomplish all your tasks efficiently.

These devices have delicate systems that you should take for consideration when cleaning them. It is important that you take extra care and efficient cleaning techniques to clean electronic devices. Common methods and tips are listed below:

  1. Use electronic wipes and damp cloth for cleaning screens of electronic devices like laptop, smartphones and more. You need to keep in mind that LCD screens are delicate. Strong chemicals can leave permanent marks that can ruin the protective coats of your electronic devices surface. When cleaning the LCD screen, you must turn off first and get the microfiber cloth with little amount of clean water. Never attempt to press harder LCD screens of your electronic devices or it will be damaged.
  2. Clean Keyboard using Compressed Air is also an effective way to clean keyboards. You just need to blow to eliminate dust and dirt in between of keys. In case that you’ve got dirty keys then it is highly recommended that you use alcohol and slightly scrub it. You can also use small brush for cleaning extremely around dirty keyboard.
  3. Avoid spills since it can cause internal damage. When you spill something on your electronic device then it is essential that you immediately turn it off and unplug it. Wipe immediately the spill using clean cloth. To ensure that you electronic device is dry, you can try what other people do for drying electronic devices. You can put your device in a bowl of dry rice since they believer that it can efficiently absorb water from your device. If you are dealing with extreme spill then it is highly recommended that you consult a professional person to deal with your device.

Cleaning your electronic devices is a great way to make it look good clean. It is also a great way to prolong efficiency of your device. For efficient cleaning process of these electronic devices, it is a great idea that you buy device cleaning equipment such as cleaning cloth and fluid that removes dirt & dust. Regularly clean your electronic devices and equipment so they live longer. If you want to learn how to clean electronics or just need an extra cleaning hand CommercialResidentialCleaningService, is your best choice in Los Angeles area anytime you’ll need a hands with your cleaning service in San Fernando valley, Los Angeles CA . We take pride in all of our work.


Five Important Things to Clean When Transferring into a New Place


Looks like that you are planning to move in a new house. When it comes on transferring from old place to new place, it is essential that you consider cleaning so that you’ll have a safe and comfortable stay at your new place. Cleanliness and sanitation of your residential properties are important aspects so that you can also ensure safety and comfort of your family. Failure to clean and sanitize your residential property can cause occurrence of some health problems such as Asthma, allergies and other related problems in the respiratory system. Aside from health concerns, cleanliness and sanitation of your property can also improve overall ambiances and appearance of your home. Through cleaning and sanitizing your house for sure you will never get embarrassed when you have some home visitors. Cleanliness of your house will for sure empower you to acquire healthy living and good perception about life. The appearance of your house can affect your mood. This is also the factor that must trigger you to clean your home. In general, you need to clean your new place entirely on or before moving in to ensure your safety and comfort. However, there are actually five important things that you need to exert extra effort to clean it such as:


  1. Kitchen Hood- It is indeed a necessity to clean kitchen hood. Keep in mind that there are instances that people tend to forget cleaning kitchen hood when they move out the place. So, as the new comer, it is highly recommended that you clean it. Potential ash and grease in kitchen hood is dangerous. In line with this, it is better if you will clean it for your own safety. By means of cleaning kitchen hood, you can remove dangerous substances and chemicals such as Nitrogen Dioxide and more chemicals.
  2. Filters and Vents- There is a tendency that when you move in, filters and vents of your new place is dirty. In line with this, you need to ensure its cleanliness and sanitation especially if you have allergies and Asthma. You need to consider replacing your filters and clean fans and vents in your new place.
  3. Fridge- Keep in mind that fridge can easily accumulate and retain odor from foods. Even if you remove contents of fridge, there is a possibility that it retains odor. In line with this, it is important that you deodorize and sanitize it. One effective way to sanitize and deodorize fridge is by means of putting charcoal inside your fridge. Charcoal has strong properties that can remove odors inside your fridge.
  4. Baseboards, Windows and Outlets- Check condition of your windows, outlets and baseboards. You need to clean it to ensure sanitation and cleanliness.
  5. Bathtub- There are instances that bathtub accumulate mold and bacteria. So, you need to clean it by means of scrubbing it using soap and grime. Sanitation of your bathtub is also important factor that you must take for consideration.


To ensure overall cleanliness of your new place, it is a great idea if you can hire a professional cleaner especially if you do not have enough time to clean your new place on your own. Give CommercialResidentialCleaningService a call or visit the website at , anytime you’ll need a hands with your cleaning service, whether it’s just one occasion or regularly scheduled cleaning. We take pride in all of our work.